Fleet renewal

Action Fleet Renewal

The renewal of our fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft is currently our main lever for decarbonisation.

These new-generation aircraft which generate 20 to 25% less CO₂ emissions, are currently our most effective way to reduce our carbon footprint. Their noise footprint is also significantly reduced by around 40%.


Our fuel consumption

Our aircraft currently consume an average of 3.3 litres per passenger/100km. By 2030, our goal is to consume less than 3 litres per passenger/100km.

For example, the A220 consumes 2.6 litres per passenger/100km, thanks to the incorporation of close to 40% lighter materials (lithium aluminium and composite materials). The A350 consumes 2.5 litres per passenger/100km, i.e., almost 25% less fuel consumed compared to previous-generation aircraft.


Our investments

Despite the crisis, Air France is investing more than 1 billion euros per year in the acquisition of new-generation aircraft. By 2025, 38 Airbus A350s will join our long-haul fleet and 60 Airbus A220s will join our short and medium-haul fleet, replacing our A318 and A319 fleet.

A new generation fleet

7% of new-generation aircraft in the Air France fleet
45% of new-generation aircraft in the Air France fleet
70% of new-generation aircraft in the Air France fleet