Responsible catering


Meals are an essential part of the Air France travel experience. The company is committed to offering its customers a more environmentally responsible offer, while guaranteeing choice and origin of food. Our actions focus on three priorities – responsible catering, fighting against waste and reducing single-use plastic.

restauration responsable

Air France is taking concrete action to ensure fair consumption by -

  • Favouring local products, respecting seasonality and encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Reducing waste and adjusting its on-board offer to demand. Thanks to rigorous stock management and the development of pre-selection of dishes before the flight in the long-haul business cabin, we can better adapt our offer to our customers' requests and guarantee the availability of their choice. This also contributes to reducing on-board weight along with our fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Eliminating single-use plastics

Eliminating single-use plastics

Plastics take centuries to degrade, and every year more than 10 million tons of plastic worldwide end up in the oceans because they cannot be recycled.   Actively involved in the fight against plastic pollution, Air France is accelerating the replacement of plastics with bio-based materials, both in-flight and on the ground, and by the beginning of 2023 will have eliminated 90% of single-use plastics compared to 2018.

Restauration responsable

Promoting the reuse and recycling of our items

In October 2019, Air France launched a vast programme to sort waste on board. Waste sorting, carried out on all short, medium, and long-haul flights to Paris, aims to recycle 7 million plastic bottles, 3 million cardboard juice boxes and 6 million aluminium cans annually. We are currently working on extending this selective sorting on board to our international stations.

Key figures

Elimination of 210 million single-use plastic items
En 2023
Air France is dedicated to stepping up the actions already underway and to developing a more responsible catering offer made up of local, nutritiously balanced and labelled products.